October 27, 2014 at 3:08 pm

The new website is live and it’s all about you, the loyal iBOODean!

Therefore, we would like you to let us know how we can improve the website together, find bugs and work on new functions.

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See more information about project details below, because it was quite a job!


Since the establishment of iBOOD in 2005 the new website has been the biggest adjustment in IT and the biggest investment ever. Not only has the front-end been adjusted, but we have also tackled the back-end.

That did not happen by itself, the development team has quadrupled and the whole team has learned to write user stories :-). For the people that do not know what a user story is, it is a functionality that is described in detail so that it is ready for development.

The project has cost us a lot of blood, sweat and tears, has kept all people involved out of the bar for two year and has requested a lot of patience from you. We are happy and proud to present you with the result.

Why a new website?

As the website could use a new design, it was also time to solve very practical problems. For example it was not possible to pay for more than one deal at once, there was no option to choose the colour, size or type of item (Do you remember the time slot deals, with products that had different sizes)and the forum was not accessible for mobile phones.

In short, the entire platform was ready to be renewed. Internally we always used to say: "There’s a skyscraper on the foundation that was originally put in front of a house. We can’t work with this any longer. Time for a bigger and thorough project. Yummy!".

The development of iBOOD

iBOOD is growing rapidly, during the launch in 2005 we only had one daily deal.

A few years ago the 'die hard' tech-deals were strengthened with separate categories for Health & Beauty- and Home & Living products. Upon your request iBOOD became accessible for a broader audience.


iBOOD has a responsive design. It means that, the site automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the device that you are visiting the site with. Very handy!

Is everything perfect now?

No, there will be a lot of points of improvement especially in the early stage and we would like your help for that. Let us know if anything goes wrong, what we can improve on in the buyer experience etc. The website is now live in an (open) bèta version and has internally been tested extensively and found to be stable. We assume that this will be the case in the real world, but you never know!


The new website is a scalable platform with an asynchrony division between the front-end and the back-end. At the front-end the website is as you can see, suitable for the heavy load of the HUNT. At the back-end we make use of a ERP package for the Finance and Logistics department. A Service Bus (ESB) helps to streamline the front- and back-end. This architecture has been created with state-of-the-art techniques and is based on different development languages such as, PHP, Java and Python.

Your opinion!

What do you think of the design?
Do you think it is pleasant to work with?
Can you find the info that you need?
What else can you improve?
What are you missing?

Please browse freely through the website, the more feedback we receive, the better ;-).


Take the following into account

so we can process your feedback as efficiently and fast as possible:

1. Be as clear as possible What exactly do you mean? Which page does it concern? (preferably with link) Which steps have you taken? In other words: How can we reproduce your feedback and see the problem?

2. Give constructive feedback Complaining is fine (and sometimes needed) but please let us know which solution we can use.

Found any site bugs? Notify us in a separate email at beta@ibood.com. Bugs will be treated with priority.



A fictitious example of feedback:

Problem description:If I visit the 'more information'-page of a product, I do not have the possibility to view several product photos in large. When I click on the small product thumb nails on the right side of the screen, nothing happens.

Reproduction path: 1. For more information go to the Health & Beauty daily deal. 2. Click on the small thumb nails (several miniature product photos) on the right side of the screen. 3. See other photos that have not been loaded.

Additional information examples:

- I use Windows 8 with a Firefox browser, version 31.0 - I am not logged in with my iBOOD account - At the more information page of flash products I do not have this problem.


Good to know

In a month’s time, we will collect all the feedback and give one general response. In the meantime we will start with the first adjustments :-).


Feedback competition

From all the users that give us feedback iBOOD will choose a lucky winner. This person will win an iBOOD box!


Let's get it on!

October 28, 2014 at 10:51 am
hughperman User

My general comment is that the main product page (e.g. at http://www.ibood.ie) is far too cluttered. The information about the daily product is surrounded with a number of boxes (Community, Video, Facebook, Beta feedback) which should come under the product info – there is no clear delineation where the product information ends and the “rest” of the ibood site starts. Suggestion: extend the “Highlights” box to reach the end of the main product picture, put the “I will take one” button (it is far too close to the picture) and “community” items underneath the picture / description, increase the item title’s font size and center it, then have a small amount of whitespace with a divider line separating the Video/Facebook/Beta feedback components of the site. Don’t try and squash them all into one space, as it looks cluttered and isn’t clear from a glance what the product is. The image needs space to breathe and show off the product.

This is my impression at 1920×1080 resolution, which I understand is pretty common now. It looks like the site was designed for a smaller resolution, without a huge amount of consideration to what it looks like at larger res.

October 28, 2014 at 2:52 pm
soniiic User

Problem description:If I change the HTML on the fly using google chrome’s developer tools I can edit the number of items I am allowed to order

Reproduction path:1. Press I will take one!2. Open chrome’s developer tools and use the magnifying glass to select the quantity drop down element.3. Change the html in the html window so that one of the options is greater than the allowed quantity
4. Select that option in the drop down list
5. Press I’ll take it!

Observe that you have more than the allowed quantity in your basket


Additional information examples:

- I use Windows 8 with a Chrome- I am not logged in with my iBOOD account

October 31, 2014 at 12:21 am
Hoopsdaman User

I agree that the main page looks too cluttered and unclear.

I would put the highlights to the left of the screen under the price.

The social media icons are greyed out and indistinct until you hover over them.

When I click on More iBood I am brought back to the same page.

When I hover over iBood (intentionally or not) a small page with the deal of the day pops up and is starting to irritate me.

On the Ask iBood page it looks like there is an image that is not appearing (in Chrome anyway) and viewing the Tip iBOOD October 2014 page has a similar problem

Finally, since the new site went live I haven’t been getting my daily email. I have re-entered my email address twice since but nothing has been sent.

Best of luck

November 2, 2014 at 1:27 pm
Jtom User

The More IBOOD tab does appear to be superflous as it only links back to the deal on the main page. Consider removing it to declutter the front page.

I feel like you could move the ‘community’, ‘about IBOOD’ and ‘help’ tabs up into the blue header to make the page look less busy. You just need to move the subscribe button up and either in front of or behind the user profile/shopping cart icons.

The page would look better if  the community button, taking you to the forums, would be placed on the left-hand side of the product along with the facebook and youtube community resources. That would free up space below the item to make the image bigger and on the right to make the highlights/specifications bar bigger. It is important for users to be able to read information relating to the product.

Simplifying the front page will make it look much more approachable and appealing.

November 9, 2014 at 3:10 pm
kavpdsl User

Hi All in Ibood,

I firstly would like to say that of all the offer sites yours is the only one that I am still loyal to. It’s important that you know this because what I am about to say will come across as negative but it is not meant to be. With regard to the website, I am using an iPad so if there are changes to the site I can’t see them, I have found your website to be one of the worst. I see very little reason why I should go to the web site when I buy from your emails and when ever I have gone, I could find no good access to customer service. if your customers are important to you you need to give them direct access to you with a clear and easy way to contact you. You could consider live chat. Perhaps that I am now getting a chance to comment is a change because before I had no idea how to get in touch with you guys. But even now it was a struggle to find how to do it. Your once a day daily offers are the only reason I accept your emails, while the quality of the items are good, I don’t buy lots of stuff from you for your fixed postage costs. To be honest I find this quite insulting that you have a postage cost sometimes more expensive than the offer itself. the weight of an item may determine the postage cost I would agree but when you see vets small items that are extreamly light with an outrages postage cost I real feel exploited and refuse to buy it even it it loads a good deal.   please Please put more tabs and when I hover a tab an explanation of the tab content would be grateful.  I have on occasion been unable to compete a purchase having tried on a number of occasions so I give up. And on a recent deal for a torch I was very keen to purchase I persisted but when I got through the offer was sold out. That I accept be why not get more and run the offer again. Why not have a back fill order process.

I sincerely hope you read this and I would be willing to chat to you for more input so feel free to contact me.

November 11, 2014 at 12:45 pm
carpedd User

November 11, 2014 at 12:46 pm
carpedd User

The Ask a question icon can,t be working as you never seem to reply,please change to a ignore button.

November 12, 2014 at 7:09 pm
paxel User

There must be something wrong with the Customer Service Contact Form, as I submitted few equerries and got no reply at all. It is over a week since, so I guess it is just not working (sarcastic but that’s how it looks like). Also cancellation form just ends up with error, so you should take a look at that also.

December 9, 2014 at 10:00 am
charliehorse User

Your opinion!

✓ What do you think of the design?✓ Do you think it is pleasant to work with?✓ Can you find the info that you need?✓ What else can you improve?✓ What are you missing?

Please browse freely through the website, the more feedback we receive, the better ;-).

To try to answer your questions,

I  New design looks good and attracts you to press Buy button

1 Pleasant enough to work with nice deal bait to interest you.

1 Definitely cannot get any information from anyone at ibood about my order.

1 Customer service communication needs to be totally reworked.

1 I am missing the camera I ordered nearly a month ago and info about it.

You asked so I answered as truthfully as I could. Hope this helps us all.

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