November 27, 2014 at 2:05 pm
Dear iBOODeans,

About a month ago, we launched our new website, a pinnacle in our history. First of all thanks for your incredible commitment. We received hundreds of comments (all countries combined) full of useful feedback, which is really an unprecedented number that we reach only during the Hunt. We praise ourselves happy with you! We have gone through your comments, and some things really stood out. You are positive about the new shopping cart, you now finally get to choose from sizes and colors, you can pay with PayPal and the site is faster. The fact that we’re no afraid to change is cheered by some of you too. Other things aren’t working out very well: some deliveries are late, product and delivery information is less extensive and the website is not clear. We are now working hard to improve this. All delayed orders are dispatched as quickly as possible and we are currently working on better and more communication to you as a customer. Unfortunately, we have fallen behind due to the launch of the new site. Customer Service is working day and night to respond to all your questions as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, we are also working on improving the site. We will soon publish a new frontpage design and ask for your opinion! We will keep you informed on our progress and will try to do everything to improve. Team iBOOD

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