January 9, 2018 at 12:00 am

Wagner Flexio 995 | Paint spray system

Wagner Paint spray system

Do the walls and ceiling of your home need to be painted or you just want a different color? Painting is a piece of cake with the Wagner Flexio 995 paint spraying system.


Brand: Wagner
Type: Flexio 995 Paint System
Warranty: 2 years

  • Adjustable paint beam
  • Direct suction from the bucket
  • Incl. 70 cm long spray lance

Direct suction of paint from the paint bucket, no filling / overflow more required
The powerful X-Boost Turbine processes almost all paints undiluted (yet 10% diluting of paint is recommended)
Adjustable airflow control: Set the device to your own workflow
With the 70 cm long spray lance, you effortlessly paint high walls and ceilings
Accurate and comfortable working with the adjustable paint beam: vertical, horizontal or point beam
Click & Paint nozzles for swapping within seconds
Both inside and outside perfect results
Automatic cleaning of the system in a few minutes
Remaining paint can easily run back into the bucket
Processes all water based wall paints
Also for water and solvent based lacquering and pickling

Technical information
Power: 630 W
Max. paint quantity: Adjustable, 0-525 ml / min
Length of extension lance: 70 cm
Working radius / Hose length: 8.5 m

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